Xmas USA style…

Aloha and Merry Christmas!
If you have been following me on Instagram you might have seen that we have just returned from an inspiring trip to the Californian west coast finishing with a few days of R & R in Hawaii. It was just the circuit breaker we needed, inhaling architecture & antiques that will help shape our next move…

And as an extra sweetener we were on the cusp of Fall falling into winter – autumnal leaves & holly growing wild ♡
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One thing that is obvious on my return is our so-called laid back Aussie style really comes to the fore at Christmas time.  Walking down Crown St you would barely know we are just a few days away from December 25th – whilst in America there is no doubt that things are pretty festive, if not a little over the top 🙂elements i love, blog, xmas, usa, elements i love, blog, xmas, usa, Even the local deli’s and small business were getting into the spirit…and for lovers of old trades and crafts like me it was joyful to see hand painted signage instead of peel and stick imagery ♡♡♡elements i love, blog, xmas, usa,

For Americans, Thanksgiving is really the start of the holiday season and the abundance of pumpkins in all shapes and colours on entrance door steps and stairways is a charming tradition that I completely fell for. There was a still life at every turn…

Another tradition that I secretly wish would come our way is the Christmas Tree Lot – a festive pop up nursery with a selection of fir trees. Not just one variety (of course), there is a choice of what kind of Christmas tree you want along with the size and the stand. 

In Australia the reality is that summer holidays are the central focus and Christmas can feel like a blurry entrée before the main event. That much awaited annual break away from school, uni, work life and hopefully the daily grind. The pressures around that one day of the year are not always easy, with family, gifts, cooking and often a road trip or two thrown into the mix ! elements i love, blog, summer, xmas

This year we are up north at my Dads for Christmas and I was expecting to see a mob of surfing Santa’s in Byron but alas that has not happened.  Instead heavy blooms of hydrangeas waning under the heat and fragrant frangipanis are indicators that it’s “that time of year”. 

And at this time of year many families come together in sometimes less than ideal circumstances – whether it is illness or past histories that resonate (tautology, i know). It maybe cliched & corny but we are using the *KISS  theory and seeing how our days unfurl, making less fuss, hopefully less mess and more of that summer feeling. *keep it simple stupid.

I will be looking forward to sharing some Travel Notes over the next few months of our discoveries on the west coast and our plans for 2018..for now i am leaving you with a few of our favourite festive night lights ! x Brooke

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