Elements on the move…

Hello friends,

Happy New Year! We’re back and rolling into 2018, refreshed & looking forward to the year ahead. After a longer than usual Xmas / New Year break that included some contemplative time in the desert & some cool inspiration in LA ( I can’t wait to write some tips and must do’s in my ‘Travel Notes’ )…we have some news to announce..

As a background to this – it’s been a couple of years since we moved out of our Surry Hills store due to the light rail construction and just twelve months ago we downsized our personal lives, moving from a house that we built & loved to a smaller, city central home. It was a place that played incubator for so much of my creative and photographic life…and to be honest I thought it might take a bit of getting used to

But the surprise has been how positive this change has been, and how this change has given us the opportunity to simplify & to focus on what we want, and what matters most.  So right now we are feeling inspired to do the same to our working lives..!

elements i love, blog, change

With major road works looming over  our warehouse & our upbeat “ change is good” vibe, we have decided to up stumps and move on from Leichhardt in 2018…
How, When & Where is still evolving but we plan to hit the pause button with a sabbatical later in the year before Elements I Love is re- born in a new location.

elements i love, blog, change, life

We love what we do and are excited at the prospect of re-imagining our antique life with lots of creative ideas in the making.
If you have enjoyed our ever-changing antique business over the past (20 ish) years, stay with us and enjoy the ride. 
elements i love, blog, moving,

x Brooke




  1. Hi Brooke. You both deserve a well earned break. You have been an inspiration to us all and I am sure that when you return from your break – we will all look forward to being part of/supporting you in whatever you decide to do. I look forward to your update on closing dates etc.

  2. Fortune follows the brave Brooke and so will we who love what you do – follow you. Best of luck with the recalibration.
    Catherine Therese

  3. I have loved purchasing goods and reading / scouring through products via email and website from you guys for years !! Enjoy the well earned break – it will be nice to come back to business with fresh new eyes and ideas. !! Life is too damn short to not give yourselves so ‘Me’ time !!! Enjoy

    Lisa Shanahan – ida

    1. Hi Elaine, Yes we have..it is closer to you, we are working on great space in the Arts & Industrial area in Byron 🙂 We hope to be open by the end of the year !

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