Farewell Sydney…its been swell!

Moving on…!
After a successful 1st week of our moving sale (7-28th April) just about everyone has asked where are you going? There have been a few visual clues, and I have been hinting that we are on the cusp of making a major change to our working lives ~ so we are spreading our wings…

elements i love, antiques, vintage, byron bay

Since opening Architectural & Antique Elements in 2003 and then Elements I love… in Surry Hills in 2013 the one constant in our small & cheerfully independent business, has been change. The biggest probably being the internet and social media 🙂 Lots of challenges but also great opportunities in how and also where we work.elements i love, vintage, byron bay, antiques

Which brings us to our new location! For Sydney folk we have to admit – that the move does involve a bit of a drive…elements i love, byron bay, antiques, vintage

but there is a serious upside – you will be able to visit us on holidays.elements i love, byron bay, vintage, antiques

We are thrilled to share that we are moving to Byron where we have found a fab creative space that we love ♥♥ lots of TLC required (but that’s a whole other story) .elements i love, byron bay, vintage, antiques
So run don’t walk to our MOVING SALE – it is serious but it’s not THE END of Elements i love…think of it as beautiful reincarnation.  We will officially close the doors to the warehouse on April 28th making the next fortnight the last opportunity visit us in Sydney EVER !!!elements i love, byron bay, antiques, There is still much to work out over the next few months, and this sense of the unknown is part of the process I am loving.  “Change is as good as a holiday” perhaps even more so in Byron 🙂 I can’t wait to share more details as our plans unfold.  The first week of the sale has been great & we have loved chatting with so many of our rusted on fans, thank you…we look forward to seeing more of you before we bid farewell to Sydney!
x Brooke



  1. So the secret is out!!… Woohoo Well written & again – Congratulations!! Exciting new adventures await! So so happy for you. Susie xoxo

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  2. That is so exciting for you Elements I Love. I know someone up that way they must be very, very excited that you are moving to Byron. Wishing you so much good luck and happiness in your new adventure. 😘

  3. I am so excited!!! We follow you on insta and love your products but hesitated to purchase without seeing them first. We will be your first customer in Byron!!!!

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