My Week In Pictures…

With autumn finally in full swing and the doors to the warehouse officially closed – I find myself at a loose end, no not really !  I still have rather a lot to do…elements i love, blog, autumn, life, blogging
Firstly a big thank you to everyone who came and made our last month of trading in Sydney such a success – we are still selling quite a few things online and arranging deliveries.  
The warehouse will be closed for quite some time before we open in Byron so we are in the process of updating a number of things on the website.
elements i love, architectural antiques, byron bay
With our bricks & mortar store closed we are taking the opportunity for some self-imposed long service leave. I am not exactly sure what this will look like but I think it will be great 🙂 (wink)  Of course there is lots of ‘work’ to do in Byron; but we are going to take it step by step – good things can’t be rushed…as I have hinted in stories on my instagram feed – our new location really does have a colourful and creative past and we are super excited to add our story to it.

Everyone in their own sweet way has a busy life and the pressure to be productive and creative can sometimes feel overwhelming. So we are taking the opportunity to down tools and smell the roses and photograph orchids…
On a trip to Byron I happened to follow this little girl down from the lighthouse as she skipped along the path in her red dress, stockings and shoes, she didn’t have a care in the world!  I want a little bit of that please.

So as we embark on a new path -there’s my goal…
I still have a couple of interior projects in Sydney that will keep me in the loop, but the main aim will be to enjoy the process of creating a new space for Elements i love & all the challenges that come with it.
byron bay, elements i love, blogFor the most part ..I will be settling, breathing, slowing, road tripping, reading and writing, catching up on my  Travel Notes and generally have a good ole time!  I would love to hear your thoughts on how you would spend your sabbatical when the time comes, or maybe you are having one too…
X Brooke
PS. and i will be taking photos along the way.

elements i love, byron bay, antiques, blog, design

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