So this is Christmas….

So this is Christmas, what have you done, another year over, a new one just begun…. John Lennon

 I love this time of year for some quiet reflection on the year just passed…right now I am looking back with a sense of wonder and thinking how did that all happen ?

 At the beginning of the year there were so many unknowns but as 2018 comes to a close somehow we have managed to untangle & simplify our lives. Decluttering my mind and my life.  What a year of change it has been. Not that it has been without it’s challenges along the way…(there are two people & that means two points of view!)

Elements I love, blog, christmas
Who knows what the world will do in 2019…

 Slowly I am learning that sometimes you just have to let the universe take it’s course and try not to micro manage all the vagaries of  living a creative life. I am sure you can relate, as you madly multi-task your way through Christmas, that constant juggle 🙂

Waiting out the Medicane!
Waiting out the Medicane in Greece, all you need are friends, ouzo & cards 🙂

When we closed our bricks & mortar store in Sydney in April, I knew I needed time out. A circuit breaker  from routine, from website updates and online stuff & all the day to day business pressures…more than anything I wanted to travel for fun not just for work and not be in a rush on the road. As much as I love a good sourcing trip – road tripping with friends in Greece,  sightseeing in Pompeii, Puglia and catching up with old friends in Portugal were super fun. It was the first time in 15 years that I have been to Europe and not been in France, quelle horror!

And bubbling along in the background of this year has been our sweet move north to Byron. We have been spending more and more time here as our beautiful new warehouse takes shape. I have to admit the lack of routine and structure in my life is taking a bit of getting used to – I am sure my productivity is down on last year…but isn’t that the whole idea of taking a sabbatical?  The upside of this has been creating a new space with consideration that will house Elements i love… in 2019 in whatever form we want to take it.

If you have followed my journal over the years, you will know that more often than not Christmas is spent on the far south coast…we are #blessed 🙂 to have always had the choice of two very beautiful places in our lives. There is a rugged beauty to the south coast paired with a climate that lacks the intense heat and humidity of the north coast that I love at this time of year …(it’s great for cooking too) and my mum’s garden is full of flowering Christmas bush, wattle, wallabies bouncing about,  elder-flowers and a rustic veggie patch full of slow grown goodness.

If you are lucky enough to be spending time with family and friends, I hope it is a peaceful + happy Christmas but most of all a relaxing summer break…I feel like it is the icing on the cake for me as we head into the last few days of 2018.  X Brooke

Elements I love, blog, summer
Far from the madding crowd….




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