Byron renovation update…

Hello friends & Hello New Year!
Oh the beauty of change, they say a lot can happen in a year and I can certainly vouch for that. Though not quite enough has changed to get our Byron warehouse opening anytime soon…but we are absolutely loving creating the space from scratch. (once we got rid of the rubbish) 

Mmmm yes how are we going to do this?
Mmmm yes how are we going to do this, and where are these going to go?

The task has been mammoth but we are the do-it-once, do it well folk… and our eyes are firmly focused on the beautiful space we are creating. The gift we gave ourselves was no deadline, allowing ideas to percolate along with physically working pretty hard but cooling off in the deep blue sea & generally be free!

 Despite the renovations, Elements i love… is trading online and we are meeting with happy customers who catch us in Sydney for collections and appointments. There is no doubt we still have some pretty fabulous pieces to build around  🙂  If you feel your project doesn’t have beautiful bones don’t be afraid to add them, just a few carefully selected items can transform an ordinary space –  but it has to be early in the process & you need a builder who is happy to think outside the square. Easier said than done. 

I know many of you have asked when are we opening or even think that we may be open and start trading in Byron?? We promise you will be the first to know when we finally get to open these beautiful doors, here’s the story so far..

As soon as we had the building sorted our first priority was finding, or in our case putting aside some pieces that we felt would work in the space. There is a definite art to installing and building around old doors & architectural antiques;  proportion, how they are framed and timber choice are all paramount in making the pieces look like they belong to the building…and that is even before you begin to think about the cosmetic details of painting and finishing the surrounding surfaces etc.

I was itching to use one of these 19thC windows in a building – sourced in France they are often sold mirrored and used decoratively in an interior or garden – but it is so lovely to use it an architectural antique as intended and build around it. We needed the light to come into the space from this position as the adjacent wall will be where we take the photos for the online store – so it had to be right. 

 It was so satisfying seeing it come together.   Initially, ‘he’ did have a few reservations about the style suiting the building but as soon as it started to take shape we could both see that it was pretty perfect.
All the while that these larger messier jobs were happening, I wasn’t just taking photos I am quite handy with the paintbrush…up & down scaffolding,  painting all those ceiling rafters – what a difference 20 odd litres of paint makes!

Along the way, the old industrial elements including the metal fans have been restored as we try and retain the simple fabric of the building, despite it’s humble origins it has had a fairly eclectic and creative history.   After years of practice in Leichhardt, making ugly beautiful we know what works for us and what we want in the space. Everyone knows how hard it is to make a besser block look pretty…so we weren’t even going to try. Finally, we are at the stage where the walls can be clad and some serious painting can begin & the interior can start taking shape…as well as going for a swim or two 🙂

And if you love that French window we have them for sale here
 For the full story of the warehouse taking shape check out my stories highlights from instagram.
Until next time, x Brooke


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