Still Life Sundays…

I found the light. It’s taken me a while.

Since moving to Byron I haven’t really found my still-life mojo, I have dabbled and faffed...

Searching for the right time of day,  the back drop, experimenting and testing all the props 🙂 Yes, those grapes were heavenly. 

 Summer time and the living was easy, I played with frangipanis and embraced the salty sea…

As a collector, I am always curating, drawn to the texture of old books and foraged foliage…

elements i love, still life, antiques

Soon I will have the run of our old/new warehouse, creating moody scenes with a textured backdrop of antiques and architectural elements…I can’t wait to  discover the shifting perspectives of light and space. 

elements i love, still life, antiquesFor complete immersion in the art of still life I love to scroll through Jamie Beck’s insanely good feed, especially her still life series #myprovenceeverydayobjects  

But for me, less is more; a little like my life these days, conscious of what really matters. Quince and figs are both long time favourites.

elements i love, still life, antiques

I have been posting under #stillifeseries since 2016 and my plan is (no promises) to make it a Sunday thing, now that I have found the light.
Happy Sunday  xo Brooke


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