Byron Bay – Mosaic Love

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Nick Misani has a serious obsession with mosaics – but of the graphic kind.

My love of mosaic floors started in France but was cemented on our recent trip to Pompeii last year…

So when I convinced my other half that this was just what we needed in the entrance of our warehouse in Byron Bay, he kindly got on board and watched me do a happy dance. My only dilemma was what tiles to use, what font to use, who had the know-how to make it & more importantly what was it going to say (more about that later )??

So many things about our move north have been serendipitous, but it seems none more so than meeting the lovely Jane.  On the cusp of our move, Jane & Greg purchased an early Indian console table…we made a time to meet up so I could have a snoop to see how it fitted into their fabulous property Villa Rustica. 

elements i love, mosaics, byron bay,
Jane’s stunning mosaics feature at Villa Rustica.

Little did i know that Jane was a passionate creator of mosaics. It didn’t take long for us to realise that we had plenty to talk about, which was just as well as we were about to spend a lot of time in her just completed studio 🙂 Jane, a lover of all things animal, was unaware of the mammoth commission she was about to undertake…elements i love, mosaics, europe From little things big things grow…

Jane took me under her wing and I became her most learned student – she loved the traditional style of the mosaic and she had the know how and skill to make it look like the vision I had in my head. The ampersand was my first attempt at making a mosaic – I thought I was a genius!  Whilst she got on and actually made proper letters and started our creation.

Mosaic making is an ancient art form, images are created from colored glass, stone, or other materials; the earliest known mosaic was discovered in Mesopotamia in the second half of 3rd millennium BC. It is pain staking work with each piece being cut by hand, the right tools and an attention to detail are handy traits if you are keen to try it – it is a kind of  a meditation as you lose yourself in the art of doing it. 

The entrance to Elements i love… was finally happening.

I was keen to complicate this mosaic and frame it in brass 🙂 I sourced this from Queensland and aged it in the workshop…After what felt like months (it really was!)  it was D-day we had made it.  Now it was the tilers’ turn, we needed a patient & understanding tiler to install Part 1 of this passion project.

Hank and Dan from Decorated Earth absolutely love a challenge 🙂 so this was the perfect job for them.  Throughout our renovation we have been #blessed with all the trades and folk who have worked with us, to be honest we are enjoying the process a little too much – maybe that’s why it’s taken us so long!

elements i love,mosaics, byron bay
This is it.

But that is only half the floor…there’s another story behind the other half , coming soon!

elements i love, byron bay, mosaics,
To the Sea..

If you would like to learn about mosaics, Jane at some time in the future will be holding a mosaic making workshop; you can follow her here > instagram
We are getting closer to opening our doors in Byron, I will be keen to see if anyone looks down and admires our handy work!
From yours truly, a budding mosaic artist, Brooke X:

*The search for tiles took a month or more as I had my heart set on marble – the tiles I finally used were made from recycled glass which really suits our ethos, I found them at Bisanna 


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