Byron-Our New/Old Warehouse

Hello friends ~I have been a little busy since my last Byron renovation update… thankfully I can report serious progress has been made.

*Dealers by nature, have a hoarding gene. So the struggle has been real. Culling many things we’ve spent twenty-five years keeping – JUST IN CASE ! (lots of wood)
It’s pretty clear we underestimated the epic task at hand;

  1. Renovating an old warehouse. 
  2. Packing up twenty-five years of working life in antiques & restoration.
  3. Moving a good solid 9 hour drive from Sydney. { but a 1 hour flight😊 }
  4. + the killer, physically moving seriously heavy items.
                                       …but the good news we are almost there.
    If you are keen for some visuals I have documented the good, bad & the ugly on Stories

 Back in  February we were still working with besser blocks & plywood walls. Since then we have tackled concrete floors; grinded and sealed, re-wired everything, created a beautiful bathroom and cleared a number of skips. Best of all we found a way to cover the shiny silver insulation.  Now we are madly painting…

but we’ve had so many great helpers (friends) and tradies along the way.

There is not a surface, wall, floor or ceiling that has not been sanded, painted, plastered or sealed.  Josh from Who Plastering  has transformed some pretty ordinary walls into a work of art..

& I fell in love with the Bauwerk range of pigment paints (no nasty paint smells for me). There was no way an acrylic paint was going on these hand-finished walls.   After much stirring, applying the paint is relatively straightforward but the height and number of walls made it… quite a job.   To create mood you need to use the right materials, right down to the paint finishes – the  feel and look is perfect for this space.

 Now that the mosaic floor has finally been grouted & the entrance doors finished –  sanded, shellacked and waxed by moi …we are not too far away from revealing Part ll of this floor & collaboration..:)

For dealers & hoarders like us it is always a thrill to use pieces that we bought on buying trips many moons ago and re-purpose them – these cool metal shutters came from Argentina.  NB the wall colour is yet to be decided.

There are so many positives to this move…. but the simplest pleasure has come from the environment and nature literally on our doorstep, or in our street 🍃 making working days feel much less like work. 

Finally this space is almost ready for us and for you.  We wanted to created a place that is more than a showroom, we wanted a gallery and place to gather for events.  So we are excited to share that we now have a deadline for our first event … for more details visit Byron Arts Magazine .

There is still alot more to do but we have never been closer, roll on Summertime  !


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