Hello there, if you have just discovered the blog & the business that is Elements i love…  I am the human behind the camera & the stories 🙂  Once upon a time before instagram was de rigueur blogs were really the only platform for sharing images and stories. Over the years I have written various versions of our About pages (not really my forté) however as life and business becomes more & more intertwined it feels a little old hat to have an about page.

Anyway – the origins of the shop Elements i love… were sprouted from this blog.  I originally thought up the name so it was affiliated with our original business Architectural & Antique Elements. My first posts were inspired by a buying trip to France in 2009- always a keen photographer I felt there was a whole world to our business that was interesting and photogenic, a kind of  “behind the scenes” idea which seemed fresh & original back then!   Hard to believe, but 10 years ago websites were clunky & stock laden, with mis-sized images. By the time blogging platforms arrived I already had plenty of images to choose from & putting together early posts about our latest finds was a creative way to engage and share snippets of our world that was happening in real time.

Two images taken in 2008 & 2009, that started my blogging journey….elements i love, france 2008 TGV-going sth, elements i love, blog, travel
Jump forward to 2018 and we have been crafting a website that is not clunky, in fact you can shop online with sizing and pricing right next to the item.   Imagery and photography has stepped up another level as we find creative ways to shoot the beautiful pieces we find on our travels. You can even Shop Our Instagram –  things really have changed!
The blog, for me is both a visual diary & part folly, always a work in progress. I like having the freedom to write about travel or photograph stories that I want to explore and hopefully they will strike a chord with you…& if not, that’s okay too.

Like most folks in small business the many hats one wears throughout the days & weeks can be both a blessing and a curse! {you can find me sourcing fabulous finds for both the shop and interiors projects, hands-on in the workshop where restoration of each and every piece is given just the right amount of TLC, & behind the camera – a never ending passion to capture our pieces for the website, blog + instagram etc, merchandising the showroom, this happens a lot when selling pieces (!) & helping you, our creative clientele find what you are looking for…}

I hope you find some inspiration here – one of the joys of creating each post is getting the chance to re-live  a trip or a well spent week as I edit and select the images for the story.  Feel free to email me if you have any collaborative ideas/workshops or if you just want to say hi 🙂  brooke@elementsilove.com

photos:scott riley Mobile:0407 911 609
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  1. How truly impressive, both the site and your mission statement above. Authenticity does matter, thank goodness!

    Now that it’s launched please scamper back to Paris so I can meet you properly opposed to quick drinks at various watering holes!

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