If you have just discovered Elements i love…Hi  I am Brooke, the human behind the blog:)  I have had various About pages over the years (not really my forté) as things change so has the blog. Originally I started it after a buying trip to France in 2009, always a keen photographer I felt there was this whole other side to our business that was interesting and photogenic, a kind of  “behind the scenes” idea which seemed fresh & original back then!   Hard to believe but 10 years ago websites were clunky & stock laden, so when blogging platforms arrived and I had photos I quickly discovered it was a fun way to write, photograph and share snippets of life that was happening in real time.

Two images taken in 2008 & 2009, that started my blogging journey….elements i love, france 2008 TGV-going sth, elements i love, blog, travel
Jump forward to 2016 and we now have a website that is not clunky, its all about the beautiful pieces we find on our travels & you can even shop online, things really have changed!  The blog, for me is both a visual diary & work in progress – i feel I have the freedom to write, photograph stories that I want to explore and that hopefully they will strike a chord with you…& if not that’s okay too.

With such a varied working life my day can get away from me. Like most folks in small business the many hats one wears throughout the days & weeks can be both a blessing and a curse! {you can find me sourcing fabulous finds for both the shop and interiors projects, hands-on in the workshop where restoration of each and every piece is given just the right amount of TLC, & behind the camera – a never ending passion to capture our pieces for the website, blog + instagram etc, merchandising the showroom, this happens a lot when selling pieces (!) & helping you, our creative clientele find what you are looking for…}

I hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I love creating it, drop in when you can, feel free to email me if you have any collaborative ideas/workshops -we have a wonderful space or  or you just want to say hi 🙂  brooke@elementsilove.com

photos:scott riley Mobile:0407 911 609
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  1. How truly impressive, both the site and your mission statement above. Authenticity does matter, thank goodness!

    Now that it’s launched please scamper back to Paris so I can meet you properly opposed to quick drinks at various watering holes!

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